add processId, actionId, fileId as columns in Settings (for API development)

add processId, actionId, fileId as columns in Settings (for API development)

This will speed up API development and runtime both. The API requires ID's as parameter, however Anaplan UI shows only the Name.


When using API for sending data to Anaplan or triggering a process we now use the name for searching the id.

Currently this requires additional looping in our API framework. If we know from the Anaplan UI e.g. the processId upfront we can directly implement it with this ID rather then looping over all processes till the API found the correct Id.

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I agree with your arguments and I support your idea.

For the time we are waiting for this to be implemented, I think I know easy workaround for you. I know that this information is not available in GUI, but it's available in API. And you can reach some API endpoints from your browser - few of them are the links below, where you will see the IDs of actions next to their names (and even more). So it should speed up the development, and runtime, if you were searching for ID by name each time you were running API session. Links (put relevant WS and model ID):{WORKSPACE_ID}/models/{MODELS_ID}/exports{WORKSPACE_ID}/models/{MODELS_ID}/files{WORKSPACE_ID}/models/{MODELS_ID}/imports{WORKSPACE_ID}/models/{MODELS_ID}/processes{WORKSPACE_ID}/models/{MODELS_ID}/actions
Example: ""

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