enable/disable Action Button based on condition

enable/disable Action Button based on condition

Controling action button using on preset validation.Controling action button using on preset validation.


As a modeller, I want to have control over the dashboard button to enable/disable based on the specific conditions. So that I can control valid seletions in filters.


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Thanks for the idea, we are setting it to "Acknowledged" and encourage the Community to ask questions, provide feedback, and gather additional support via kudos.

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This would be very useful.

We had a need to require users to enter specific information prior to allowing them to run an export process. I was able to build a workaround using modules with binary (boolean) logic that would only generate a blank file when the export was run if the users did not enter the information requested prior to running the export button. 

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I also come across the same point, and more as a request from the client. Although, validation messages are turned on and technically we will prevent the action to create new elements based on filters, still, will be more visual if the action button will be turning from grey to blue once conditions are met. A great improvement which I support! Good idea @deepakammanna 

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Resurrecting this suggestion as I am coming across this in quite a few conversations where customers are asking for these types of requests - sort of how you can complete a purchase without a CVV number for the credit card.  Conditional formatting and DCA will "warn" to an extent but tying the action button to a cell would be great

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In our ICM model, we have a quota acknowledgment process that "stamps" the displayed quota value and the "acknowledged date" (which the user enters manually) via an import action. As the model builder, I would like to leverage some kind of DCA on the action/process that would disable the button unless certain criteria are met, in this case, ISNOTBLANK(Acknowledged Date).

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We have a dashboard were users have to select and enter and interact with multiple grids on the dashboard and when everything is done then they have to run an action as per the req. But I don't have the ability to restrict users from running the action without completing all the steps.   


We have a Conditional Formatting and "Error message" line item which points to user to finish all the steps but its not solid solution to the problem, I want to have the ability to  "enable/disable based on the specific conditions"

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I think this is very much needed. It would be great if there was a similar but additional option to hide/display the button as well. 

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I have an incentive compensation management model where salespeople submit billing claims through the tool. They must include certain criteria in order for the claim to be eligible to be processed for commission payment. Would be great to be able to leverage DCA on the "submit" process button.

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I support your idea @deepakammanna 👍


I absolutely agree with the previous contributors. Two of my clients have also asked for this functionality. My workaround was to highlight all fields with conditional formatting, providing validation messages and KPI's to the process. One customer wanted to at least have an error displayed in the process screen if no element was generated, as they felt it was misleading if the process was shown as "completed" with green progress bar even though no element was generated. For this purpose, I subsequently added an action that produced the desired result. Nevertheless, I do not consider it compliant with best practise to build a process more complicated than necessary.