Getting Started

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So you want to help the Anaplan ecosystem grow by supporting Elevate? THANK YOU!

But what does that mean, exactly?

This group will keep you up to date on all the different ways you can support the Elevate program and our learners. For example, you might

  • Mentor a learner - help them get through the training by providing emotional support and encouragement and then use your network to help them find a new role within the ecosystem
  • Attend or speak at an event 
  • Share posts and updates on your social media or support our reach by "liking" and commenting on our posts
  • Spread the word about upcoming programs 
  • Volunteer at a networking event
  • Be a guest speaker as part of an extension program
  • Keep US in the loop when your network is looking for model builders
  • Create new and exciting ways to support our learners!

We can't wait to work with you!