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When customers embark on an Anaplan journey, it’s likely they are going to change an existing process that is missing functionality or broken altogether. In most cases, this requires modifying one or more process that is upstream and downstream of the changing process.


The Anaplan platform will operate as a new component in the business process landscape. The customer must be clear on all processes that impact what is going into and out of Anaplan – as well as a clear understanding of the people, time, and systems really involved. Consider the process in-depth, as well as all processes that provide input to or rely on outputs from the process. Can all upstream or downstream processes support Anaplan?


Let’s look at an example of a Territory & Quota Planning model. 


This use case calculates the quota to be allocated to a field sales representative to sell goods and services on behalf of the company. 


The basic inputs to the process are:

  • Strategic targets (planned and historical data)
  • Sales organization list with a hierarchical structure
  • Products list with a hierarchical structure

The Anaplan platform brings the targets together. Based on historical sales data, this can be easily mapped to sales staff and sales territories to calculate quota over time. Further, these quotas can also be easily allocated across the products in a multi-dimensional platform.


In order to calculate these pieces correctly, the Anaplan platform needs clean data and metadata. Often customers perform processes like this in a silo like Excel, and were not designed to take a central feed from sources that hold historical data and/or metadata. This becomes a new requirement---one that exists outside of the core Anaplan model use case. The process of cleaning data and metadata is critical to project success and needs to be aligned with the project.


Also remember that while you are an expert in how Anaplan works, you are not expected to be a process expert. When major changes to a process are needed, it is best to recommend a process expert who can work with the customer to streamline the process.

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