Anaplan Access FAQ

How long is the waitlist to enter the Anaplan Access 90-Day trial?

Requests submitted at this time will be processed in the order they have been received when new workspaces are available. Our current wait time is within 72 hours.  

How do I access my workspace for the first time?

Once you have submitted your Anaplan Access form and it has been processed, you will receive a welcome email from the Talent Builder Team (, and an email with the link to your workspace. 

What do I do if I don’t receive my workspace access email?

If you do not receive your workspace link, be sure to check your spam folders in the event it was misplaced. If you still have not received it, contact

Does the 90-Day trial include Page Builder access to apps?

We are not able to provide page builder role access to apps as this is not necessary for the learning provided during the 90-day Anaplan Access free trial.

How do I download my Certified Model Builder certificate?

You can now download the “Certified Model Builder” certificate on Anaplan’s Learning Center. Please visit our Anaplan Community post for more detailed steps.

My Model Builder certificate is expiring. How do I maintain an up-to-date certificate?

Please visit our Community post detailing how to keep current on your Certified Model Builder requirements.

Can I convert my education trial to a paying workspace?

The Anaplan Access 90-Day free trial is designed for new learners to progress through L1, L2, and L3 learning to jumpstart the journey to becoming a Certified Model builder. We do not currently offer an option to pay for a learning workspace. To learn more about cost association, please submit an inquiry at

When can I reapply for a new 90-day trial?

If you were not able to finish your L1, L2, and The Anaplan Way training, and you would like to continue your journey to becoming a Certified Model Builder, you may submit a new application via the Anaplan Access page. Though your previous workspace has been recycled, your learning records are always up to date.

What happens to my workspace models after my trial period?

After your trial period has ended, due to our limited number of workspaces available, all models are deleted and the space is recycled for new users waiting to enter the program.


@AaronW This is a great program. Thanks for summarizing the FAQ's. 

@AaronW Thanks ! Very impressed with the learning modules so far

Anaplan is very generous to give us the material and the workspace to learn the tools, the Anaplan community is very supportive as well, you feel there is a community behind you willing to help and share knowledge, that it is a great feeling, I really appreciate the Anaplan way.


Hamed Farag, Canada

After my trial period, will there be any charges?

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