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Anaplan Connect is a downloadable tool that empowers you to automate Anaplan actions. This lightweight tool still relies on the same types of flat files that can be manually uploaded into Anaplan. Once this tool is installed on your computer, you can package that point-and-click process in a script (.bat or .sh files). These scripts work well with external scheduling tools, enabling you to schedule and automate a data upload/download from Anaplan's cloud platform.

Most often, Anaplan Connect is used in conjunction with flat files, but it can also be used to connect to any relational database with JDBC.



JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity. It is the industry standard API for database-independent connectivity between Java and a wide range of SQL databases, as well as other tabular data sources. A JDBC connection relies on Anaplan Connect to handle the Anaplan side of the integration; it has a separate category because this is the only type of Anaplan Connect script that will contain an SQL query.

As with any non-JDBC integration using Anaplan Connect, Anaplan must already have a template file stored as a data source. As long as this data source is available within the Anaplan model, a JDBC integration differs from a flat file Anaplan Connect script when it comes to selecting the file for import. With a JDBC integration, this is the result of an SQL query instead of the location of a flat file. The results of this query are passed directly to Anaplan without needing to store a file.

Learn more about Anaplan Connect and download the Anaplan Connect Quick Start Guide in Anapedia.

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We have a client who would like to use Anaplan Connect to upload data directly from a CSV file on a remote server via HTTPS.


Looking through the Anaplan Connect documentation, it appears that Anaplan Connect cannot directly access files via a URL. Is my reading accurate?


I see two possible ways to accomplish this indirectly. Are these approaches theoretically sound? Has anyone successfully used either approach?

1. It looks like a JDBC CSV driver should be able to handle this with:
-jdbcurl "jdbc:"

2. Using a Unix (Mac) or Linux machine running Anaplan Connect, use a compound command to pass a remote file directly to -puts:
-puts << curl ""

You might want to ask why not just use curl first and upload the resulting file.

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