MuleSoft Connector v2.0 FAQ

Who is Mulesoft? What do they do?

MuleSoft is a market leading Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) vendor. IPaas or ETL vendors are "middle-ware" software vendors that connect data from source systems to target systems within an enterprise company. For Anaplan customers a partner like MuleSoft can import data from cloud, on-premise, database, and other source systems into Anaplan as a target system, and export or update Anaplan data to other target systems like a BI or financial system vendor as a few examples. MuleSoft was acquired by Salesforce in early 2018, and will become the Integration Cloud business unit.

What is the difference between Anaplan's Mulesoft connector, Hyperconnect, Connect, and using other Anaplan IPaaS partners like Dell Boomi and SnapLogic?

  • Anaplan Connect is a server based Java scripting application that can import flat files into Anaplan. Connect is configured so business users can automate getting source data into Anaplan. The product typically the simplest way to import data sets to Anaplan.
  • Hyperconnect is an optional SKU Anaplan sells that includes the Informatica Cloud Service (ICS) and bundles of 2, 5, or more connectors. One of these connectors must be the Anaplan Informatica connector. The Anaplan Enterprise Edition includes ICS and 2 connectors. ICS is a market-leading cloud ESB product for integrating on-premise and cloud application data to Anaplan. Anaplan sells, implements, and supports Hyperconnect.
  • MuleSoft is also a market leading IPaaS or ESB vendor whose primary product is called AnyPoint. MuleSoft sells and supports the AnyPoint platform directly with their customers. Anaplan developed the v2 Mulesoft connector which is available in the Mule Exchange where certified connectors and integrations can be downloaded.
  • Anaplan has connectors for Dell Boomi and SnapLogic as additional IPaaS/ETL options for our customers who have picked one of these vendors as their ETL solution.

What are the new features in the MuleSoft v2 Anaplan connector compared to our v1 connector?

  • Support for CA certificates
  • Work with Anaplan actions like Import, Export, Delete, and Processes
  • Support both file based and streaming data transfer; support for configurable file chunks up to 50MB to increase performance
  • File previews for import and export actions
  • Automatic retries and configurable retry counts
  • Additional debug logs

How does Mulesoft position itself relative to other ESB, ETL, or IPaaS vendors?

  • MuleSoft reduces technology complexity and cost
    • Anypoint Platform allows you to maintain and operate one platform to support the entire API and Integration lifecycle instead of two
    • Developers do not have to hack orchestration into API gateways, can use built-in integration functionalities
    • Use a single runtime for both integration and APIs, reducing resource needs
  • MuleSoft helps your team deliver APIs faster
    • Anypoint Platform enforces API design best practices and helps you avoid duplicated work with reusable templates
    • We provide a mock service so API owners can validate the design before coding
    • Exchange seamlessly imports templates into built-in API design tools, you do not have to rely on open source tools (Swagger)
  • MuleSoft provides actionable visibility to help you prevent and reduce system downtime
    • Anypoint Platform provides one place to monitor how data traverses APIs and integrations: end-to-end visibility
    • We have built-in test tools that work well with your existing CI/CD pipeline; with us you can use standard Java tools for debugging v. having no visibility into black box

Has MuleSoft certified this v2 connector?


What versions of Mulesoft runtime and Studio is the v2 Anaplan connector compatible with?

The Anaplan v2 connector is compatible with Mule runtime 3.8/3.9 and Studio 6.4.

My customer is using the Mule 4.x runtime. Is our v2 connector compatible with that?

Our v2 connector is not compatible with Mule 4.x runtime today but is on our roadmap for forthcoming enhancements.

What are the compelling benefits to our customer for undertaking a v1 to v2 connector migration, or to start with our v2 connector for Anaplan integration?

  • The basic authentication provided through the Anaplan APIs used with our v1 MuleSoft connector have been upgraded with Anaplan v2.0 APIs to now support certification-based authentication.
  • There are significant security, performance, data orchestration, and monitoring features in our v2 connector that will enable greater scaling and more real-time data flows into Anaplan, and less development effort for IT. Any customer using the Mule 3.x runtime must use our v2 MuleSoft connector.

Is there a price to use the MuleSoft v2 Anaplan connector?

No. Neither Anaplan nor MuleSoft charges for the Anaplan MuleSoft connector.

How does a customer get access to this v2 Anaplan Mulesoft connector?

Do a Google search for the MuleSoft Exchange or go to All of MuleSoft's certified connectors and integrations can be found and downloaded from this Exchange. Within the MuleSoft Exchange you can type "Anaplan" to find the connector, or go to

What resources are available to help our customers plan to download, use or migrate to this v2 Anaplan Mulesoft connector?

Within the Anypoint Exchange there is a FAQ section that explains how to download and use connectors with the Anypoint platform, and how to upgrade between connector versions. See

How is support provided for MuleSoft and the Anaplan MuleSoft connector?

MuleSoft sells their Anypoint platform directly to customers, and therefore provides tier 1 support to these customers including the connectors. MuleSoft tier 1 support will work with Anaplan support who will provide tier 2 and 3 support if there are issues within the Anaplan MuleSoft connector.

Will the v1 Anaplan connector continue to be available? Will the v1 connector be supported now that v2 is available?

The v1 connector will still be available through the Anypoint Exchange to download and use for development, but customers will be encouraged to start all new development with the v2 connector. MuleSoft will no longer provide support for the v1 connector. 


  • Anaplan-MuleSoft Connector Data Sheet (attached)
  • MuleSoft Connector v2.0 Presentation (attached) 
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