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Excel Add-in V3.0: Unable to refresh sheets connected to modules that use time ranges

This item has been identified as a known issue caused by a change regarding Excel Add-in V3.0 and time ranges.



Time ranges were not supported in the V3.0 release of Excel Add-in in August. The Add-in would use the model's timescale when a connection was pointed at a module which was using a time range.

As of our November 17th Platform release, module level time ranges will be supported, so the Excel Add-in will now use the timescale set for the module.


Symptoms as a result of this change

For any existing workbooks which have a connection to a module which uses a time range, Excel may hang and need to be restarted after selecting the Refresh Workbook or Refresh Sheet button in the Excel Add-in. Alternatively, after refreshing, you may see a message that says 'A major change has occurred to your module in Anaplan - please go to Pivot & Filter to validate the orientation of your connection'.


In the Excel Add-in locate any sheets that point to modules that use time ranges at the module level and select the Pivot and Filter option. In the pivot you will now see the dimension for time ranges. Orientate time ranges and the other dimensions as you need and then click 'Okay'. This will result in the data being extracted again into Excel with the time range taken into account



Note. This is only need to be applicable to existing connections. Any new connections should work as expected.