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Fails to generate comparison report when comparing Notes with JSON string

This item has been identified as an outstanding known issue. A workaround is provided until the issue is officially fixed.



Generating comparison report will fail with below message:

Model Comparison Failed
An internal error occurred while comparing these revision tags. Please contact Anaplan Support.

Above reproduces when Notes column in line item is compared under below condition:

  • Revision has JSON in Notes, and is selected in "Revision A" (current revision)
    e.g. {datatypeNONE} will not produce error, but {}, {datatype:NONE} or {"datatype":"NONE"} will produce error
  • Revision has empty Notes, and is selected in "Revision B" (previous revision)

This does not occur when the text is in Notes at the module level.



Remove the JSON string from Notes


If this workaround is not suitable in your use case, please contact Support at support@anaplan.com.



Internal Reference: ALM-1362