NUX - Grid card appears blank or has crashed with 'Your card failed to load' error.

This item has been identified as an outstanding known issue.  A workaround is provided until the issue is officially fixed.  


Under certain circumstances it is possible to scroll off the bottom of a grid on a card in the New UX.  This can make the whole grid, with the exception of  the headers, appear to have disappeared and it is not possible to scroll back up.  Attempting to affect the grid by, for example adding or removing a filter, can cause the grid to crash with the error below:

!  Your card failed to load

This issue is only reproducible when the horizontal scrollbar on the card just obscures the very bottom row of the grid.


To prevent this issue from occurring, extend the grid downwards slightly so that the horizontal scrollbar does not obscure the bottom of the grid.

If the grid has disappeared: searching for an item within the grid will restore it, as will refreshing the browser.

If the grid has crashed: refreshing the browser will recover it.


If this workaround is not suitable in your use case, please contact Support at support@anaplan.com.



Internal Reference: RIC-869