[Post Release] Informatica Upgrade to v2.16 error when running existing jobs

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[Post Release] Informatica Upgrade to v2.16 error when running existing jobs

Issue: Informatica has done a phased release rollout of the Anaplan connector which upgrades the connector from V2.15 to V2.16.  Post rollout of this release, customers are hitting an issue whereby pre-existing jobs, meaning jobs that had been run and existed prior to the release, are failing to run with the following errors:


Internal error. The DTM process terminated unexpectedly. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support.

[Not a valid integer value for (Use API Based Metadata) which belongs to (AnaplanV2).



[ERROR] Error while initializing the writer : [com.informatica.cloud.api.adapter.connection.ConnectionFailedException: Error Dump Path Location specified does not exist or is not a directory at com.informatica.cloud.adapter.cci.connection.CCIConnection.connect(CCIConnection.java:85) at com.informatica.cloud.api.adapter.writer.runtime.GenericWriterPartitionDriver.initializeWriter(Unknown Source) at com.informatica.cloud.api.adapter.writer.runtime.GenericWriterPartitionDriver.init(Unknown Source) ]



[ERROR] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.informatica.powercenter.sdk.repository.AttributeNotFoundException: method (Ljava/lang/String;)V not found



Root cause is still be investigated by Informatica as to why this is happening.

Workaround: Edit and re-save (no changes required) any pre-existing Informatica jobs and try re-running them.

If you continue to experience errors post workaround, please contact Anaplan Support by emailing support@anaplan.com