"QueueManager is inactive" error when making changes to a model

This item has been identified as an outstanding known issue as of the 16 June, 2018 platform release; a workaround is provided until the issue is officially fixed. Please contact Support at support@anaplan.com immediately if you encounter this issue.



Attempts to close and reopen the import dialog will continue to fail with the error:

Failed to read data: QueueManager is inactive

 The source model of the import will also be affected and continue to display the same error when trying to make any changes to it.

Please contact support@anaplan.com if you encounter this problem.

You can attempt to close the source and target models via Model Management but if this fails Support can help resolve the issue.

To avoid seeing the problem again, when opening the import dialog for a model to model import, avoid clicking other tabs in the import dialog until the data preview has loaded in each.

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Re: "QueueManager is inactive" error when making changes to a model

This issue was fixed in the June 27, 2018 release