Celebration Time!! (Learner Achievements | July 2021)

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Celebration Time!! (Learner Achievements | July 2021)

Month after month, I get to see the awesome work each of you do. Getting to share each month's achievements is always exciting!

During the month of July, we saw the following completion numbers throughout the Anaplan Talent Builder program: 

  • 82 Learners completed Level 1 Model Building
  • 36 Learners completed Level 2 Model Building
  • 22 Learners completed The Anaplan Way
  • 23 Learners achieved Certified Model Builder status

And as always, I want to individually recognize each Learner here in the Learner's Lounge for your accomplishments:

🌟🌟Congratulations to everyone! 🌟🌟

If you're here on the Level 1 or Level 2 lists, don't forget that you can complete The Anaplan Way after your access expires, if needed, and still claim that Certified Model Builder status!

So, for all of you who have completed some training...what's next for you? 

And if you're still working toward your goal, I hope this encourages you to keep going—you can do it!

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Thanks a lot, Aaron,


Your acknowledgement motivates us to do more.


My current goal is to work towards learning other aspects of model building and to complete "The Anaplan Way" and claim the "Certified model builder" status. Also, I want to move ahead to complete my level 3 Model builder. 


Wish me luck! 


Thanks again, 



Aftab Khan