Certified Model Builder: Did You Know...?

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Certified Model Builder: Did You Know...?

Many Anaplan Talent Builder Learners successfully complete the Level 1 and sometimes Level 2 Model Building training courses, but end their time in the program without fully achieving Certified Model Builder status. For example, out of all Learners who completed Level 1 in September 2020, only 32% went on to complete Level 2—and only 15% completed The Anaplan Way training!

But did you know that The Anaplan Way—the third requirement to be a Certified Model Builder—can be completed without Anaplan access?


This training can be completed on demand in the Anaplan Learning Center at any time, by anyone. It only takes 12-16 hours, after which (if you have also completed both Level 1 and Level 2 Model Building) you can download your Certified Model Builder certificate and proudly display it on your LinkedIn profile and any resumes!

Don't miss the chance to become fully Anaplan certified. If you're concerned about completing your training during your access period, or if your access has already expired, I hope this information will encourage you to dive back in with a new perspective. We hope to see many of you cross that finish line in the last few weeks of 2020!

If you've already completed the Anaplan Way and earned your Certified Model Builder certification, please encourage your fellow Learners by sharing about your experiences.

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For learning, I need a free trial of 90 days.

Is it possible to get the trial from someone? 

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You can follow the above mentioned steps to get ur 90day beta - talent builder access for learning 🙂 

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Thank you for this opportunity. It is deeply appreciated; However, I sometimes find the self training program a little bit confusing. For example, the lesson asks me to build something but when I want to save, the system gives me a warning. If I do not make any changes, I cannot save. Is this only confusing to me or others as well? I have just started and could not move in Level 1.
Thank you.

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Don't forget that the Recertification Exam is now also a requirement for first-time certification

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Such a useful thing to know. I completed Level 1 and 2 and my Anaplan access is about to end in a day or two. Was wondering how I would complete the Anaplan Way. Thanks once again.

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I think anaplan way doesn't need anaplan access. Find the course in learning center and proceed
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Just discovered Anaplan and this community. It's amazing how Anaplan has made FP&A function and the likes seamless... Can't wait to learn all i can. Looking forward to maximizing the training access, achieve the Certified Model Builder Certification towards becoming a Master Anaplanner, while connecting with great minds. Thanks for sharing @AaronW