Input Requested: Learner's Lounge Resources

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Input Requested: Learner's Lounge Resources

Hello, everyone! For more than a year now, this Learner's Lounge has been here for you to encourage and collaborate with other Learners. As we look to continue improving the Anaplan Talent Builder program and the value this Group offers, we would love to hear from you!

What other features, resources, and topics would you like to see in this Group? How can we better support you on your Learning path? 

We want this Group to be as beneficial to you as possible, so please tell us what that looks like to you. I can't promise that all ideas will be implemented, but any feedback you can offer will be read, considered, and appreciated. 

Thank you!



Just an idea I've seen with Correlation One and with Skill Factory is to offer a regular, maybe quarterly, or bi-monthly, an opportunity for the Anaplan Partners (and customers) to meet up with the learners to talk about career opportunities - kind of like a job fair but a little more focused on networking. The demand is off the chart right now for certified modelers.

Jared Dolich