Learner Achievements | April 2021

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Learner Achievements | April 2021

Welcome to May, everyone! As we always do at the beginning of each month, let's start out this one by recognizing the accomplishments of our fellow Learners during the previous month.

In April 2021, throughout the Anaplan Talent Builder program:

  • 48 Learners completed Level 1 Model Building
  • 29 Learners completed Level 2 Model Building
  • 21 Learners completed The Anaplan Way
  • 24 Learners became fully Certified Model Builders

Please join me in congratulating your fellow Group members: 

For you Learners tagged here: what's next? Are you continuing your training? Looking for a new opportunity? How can we continue to support you?

For everyone else: please share your encouragement for your fellow Learners on these amazing milestones!

Congratulations, everyone!