Learner Achievements | February 2021

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Learner Achievements | February 2021

Welcome to March! With another new month comes another round of congratulations.

In February 2021, throughout the Anaplan Talent Builder program:

  • 46 Learners completed Level 1 Model Building
  • 29 Learners completed Level 2 Model Building
  • 23 Learners completed The Anaplan Way training
  • 23 Learners achieved Certified Model Builder status

Some of those Learners are here in this Group, and I'm excited to recognize them publicly. Please comment below to show your support for your fellow Learners.

We have three Learners this month who have now received their Certified Model Builder certification: @CarolWG, @harshakonindala, @TedemanCPA

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work!


Excellent!! Congratulations everyone!!

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Congratulations to everyone, Anaplan community support was the key for me to learn and pass L1 exam.



Thank you All.

Hamed Farag

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That's great to hear! Do you plan to continue on to L2 and The Anaplan Way to get your Certified Model Builder certification?

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I should be able to complete L2 this month, not sure how long it takes to complete the Anaplan way.


It will be good if newly certified model builder shares their experience on how long it took to study for L2 and for the Anaplan way.


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Would any other Learners like to chime in and share how long L2 took them?

I should mention as well that we are working on developing some approximate timelines for training paths to give more visibility to this. 

The great thing about The Anaplan Way is that it's relatively short (12-16 hours) and can be completed without Anaplan access—so you can take that training even after your access period ends and still receive your CMB certification. 

Good luck!

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L2 was a lengthy process for me - lengthier than it should have been, in my opinion. There's some fairly confusing content that could use a structural re-write in late S2/early S3 that I got quite stuck on the first time I took it. I was literally opening up to take the L2 test when it was announced the UX version was put into place, so I had to re-start. With the subtle changes throughout, I found it easier to do L1 over again with the new UX, then continue straight through to L2.


The second pass of L2 was probably 50 hours' work for me - it still has the less than ideally written section that I honestly wouldn't have gotten past even that quickly if I hadn't jammed on the same section the first time through. Since I was doing it as time permitted between other real world things, I didn't keep great track of total time.





@AaronW I was closer to @RemRemRem estimate around 40-50 hours to complete L2. L1 took me about 20 hours, so a big step up but so worth it. L2 was a game changer for me.

Jared Dolich
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Really great stuff & Congrats to any other learners who made the push during this winter-time!
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Thank you so much for encouraging us (leaners)! It's lovely learning things in Anaplan