Looking for Anaplan Platform Support?


Looking for Anaplan Platform Support?

Are you in need of Anaplan platform support? The Community is here for you!

Take a look at the various resources below to connect with other Community members and get you back on track with your learning journey:

Note, Anaplan Customer Care is not available to answer your questions during your 90-day Anaplan Talent Builder trial. Cases submitted to the Customer Care team will not be answered. Instead, please reference these resources at any time for the best support experience.

Learner’s Lounge
Share your Anaplan Talent Builder journey and connect with others on a similar path.

Anaplan Platform Forum
Discuss the Anaplan platform, ask questions, and get answers from the Community.

Academy & Training Forums
Ask questions and find answers specfic to the Academy courses you're enrolled in, including:

Anaplan Talent Builder
Your go-to resource for discovering the paths and careers available in the Anaplan ecosystem and the steps to take to get you there.

The home of Anaplan’s in-depth technical documentation.

Platform Best Practices
Hear from Anaplan experts on the best ways to use the platform.