New Member Welcome: November 2020

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New Member Welcome: November 2020

To all our newest learners: Welcome to the Learners Lounge! I'm glad you've decided to join us here, and hope that this Group will provide tremendous benefit for you as you make your way through your Anaplan trainings. The goal of this Group is to create the opportunity for interaction with other learners, discuss challenges you encounter in your trainings, celebrate victories, and offer support and encouragement to others.

If you feel comfortable sharing with the rest of the Group, please post a reply to introduce yourself and share:

  • Where you are in the world
  • What brought you to Anaplan Talent Builder
  • One thing you want to learn and how this Group can help you get there 

Happy Anaplanning!

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Thank you @AaronW . Its my pleasure learning Anaplan..Talent builder is great initiative for resource and tool growth..kudos Anaplan Team

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Thank you—we are glad you're here! All the best to you on your training.

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Thank you for the shoutout @AaronW and Team.


It is wonderful to be part of this group 🤗


  • Where you are in the world: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
  • What brought you to Anaplan Talent Builder: I am BI Consultant with five good years of experience. There where some instances in my day-to-day work where planning scenario's where came into discussions, That's where I started digging into wonderful tool Anaplan. I am here to learn and make a career in Anaplan.
  • One thing you want to learn and how this Group can help you get there: Definitely Modelling and main focus would be giving solutions to the customers problems via Anaplan.

I started my Level 1 Session, and Kudos to entire Academy team for the creating learning videos.


Stay Safe,

Basavaraj Goni

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It's exciting to hear that you are finding Anaplan to be so useful. Be sure to reach out here in the Group or in the main Forums if you have questions along the way.


Hi, guys - Jaya here, stays in TX. Totally a Non-IT background, got very impressed when I first saw the Anaplan DB at work and started independent learning. Completed my Level 1 Certification so far. Target is to become Anaplan Model Builder while job hunting.


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Hi, Jaya! Congrats on completing Level 1. While you're on the hunt, but sure to check out the Available Talent directory and make sure you're listed when you're ready. Hope it's helpful to you! 

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Thank You Aaron. I am from India working as Lead Consultant in SAP Business Planning & Consolidation for 9 years. I came to know about Anaplan when my current client chose to stop BPC and move on Anaplan Tool. Since then, I got very curious to know more about this tool. I am doing my best to learn Anaplan Modelling as much as I can.


Also I would like share my view that Anaplan is really a very nice Planning & Budgeting tool and How am I telling so confidently, because as I mentioned, I have been working on SAP Planning tool i.e. BPC for 9 years. I could easily compare when I completed Level 1 and Level 2 Anaplan Model Building Certification.


I hope that I will get an opportunity, one day, to work on an Anaplan implementation for a client 




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Thanks, @varun.joshi07! Your confidence of Anaplan's capabilities given your experience is encouraging. Looking forward to your contributions to the Community. 

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Hi, folks - Rachel here. Primarily experienced in the data/ETL end of Anaplan, but I've been out of touch with the product for a few years due to being on non-Anaplan projects. I've always liked the tool and really love some of the changes since I regularly worked in it, so I'm trying to get (and stay) current for possible future client work while job hunting.


  • Where you are in the world - PNW, USA


  • What brought you to Anaplan Talent Builder - In addition to taking (and now retaking due to new UX) the certification tests, I'm working with a team of fellow Anaplan users I've worked with on past projects to do a mock project from start to finish to get us all refreshed on our basic skills plus learn incorporate the new UX. It's also helping us remember our general business team responsibilities and helping solidify our PLAN and DISCO comprehension.


  • One thing you want to learn and how this Group can help you get there - Ultimately I'd like to get my Architect level cert, but feel I need at least one or two more live real-world project as a dev to get there. I'm working on the certs as time permits (never enough). The forums have been helpful with hints when I get stuck.