New Member Welcome | September 2021

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New Member Welcome | September 2021

Buckle up! Somehow I missed welcoming our new Learners in August, so today's post is a special supersize edition!

Welcome to each and every one of you! We would love to learn more about who you are, why you're here, and how this Group can help you. So...if you feel comfortable doing so, please introduce yourself by posting: 

  • How you discovered Anaplan Talent Builder
  • Your goals for your access period and how this Group can help you achieve it
  • Anything else about yourself you'd like to share!

Here in this Group, you can bring your questions, collaborate with peers, and be encouraged throughout your training. In addition to posting in the Forum here, you can reference the FAQ and other resources here or reach out anytime to

Please join me in welcoming our newest Learners! 🎉🎉🎉

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Hey @AaronW , I'm a final year Undergraduate Technology student and thank you for the very warm welcome. I got to know about Anaplan and found it very intriguing, doing my L1MB course right now and I'm extremely pumped and grateful for the same.





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Glad to have you here, Akhil! I love your excitement! Hope L1 is going well so far.

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Hello everyone, it’s great connecting with you, and many thanks to @AaronW  for welcoming us warmly into this forum.


I am a data analytics consultant and started my Anaplan journey late June when @SeymaTas introduced me to Anaplan. I became a certified Anaplan Model Builder and then recertified for 2022 a week ago. I would love to collaborate with Anaplan learners and Anaplan related job seekers, continue to learn and grow with the Anaplan community. I am currently looking for a role where I can best leverage my experience, business and finance background, and technical skills to build something great. This week, I started applying for Anaplan related roles.


Best wishes to everyone, Anaplan learners and job seekers!


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That's fantastic, @muratakkas! It's great to hear that you're off to such a good start. 

If you haven't already, make sure you're listed on the Available Talent Directory, and check out the Anaplan-specific roles in the career search area

Good luck finding that dream role! 😁

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Hi @AaronW, thank you so much for your kindly welcoming message.

I am an Anaplan learner who is in the process of a career transition away from academia, hopefully, into consulting and/or data analytics. I've had a great time and wonderful experiences, advising and teaching, in university education, and now I would like to transfer my professional skills and methodological tool set to a relevant field where I will continue my path of learning and growing.


I heard about Anaplan from a scholar friend this summer and I was instantly intrigued. After some research, I realized that Anaplan would be a wonderful learning challenge for me at this point in my life and a fine addition to my skill set in my future endeavors.

I joined Certified Model Builder 20 cohort in early August and, under @noelle_murphy's lovely and talented guidance, I have been steadily making good progress within the program. I finished the first lesson and passed my L1MB exam at the end of August. I am almost finished with The Anaplan Way and will start L2MB sprints today.

Learner's Lounge and Anaplan community have been infinite sources of wisdom and knowledge whenever I needed to solve a problem, find a clue, or seek advice during my learning process. I would like to thank @SeymaTas and @muratakkas for their constant encouragement and support as well.

This has been a very engaging and enjoyable learning experience for me so far.


I look forward to finishing my course, earning my model builder certificate, and starting a new professional adventure with Anaplan in consulting roles.


Thank you and my warmest regards to all,


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Hi @bcengay! Thanks for sharing such kind words for those who have encouraged you along the way. I also really like hearing how Anaplan inspired you to pursue something new and different, and that you're already finding it both challenging and rewarding. I hope the journey continues the same way!

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Hi everyone,

I would like to congratulate you on starting your Anaplan journey. I will open awesome opportunities in business planning and analytics. There is high demand but low supply in Anaplan jobs so work hard, be quick! You will be amazed how quickly you will land a good-paying job with great benefits. 
You can continue engaging the community as a new Anaplan modeler after you are certified and get a job. 

Happy modeling!



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Good Wishes @AaronW ,

Grateful for your warm welcome message , boosting our confidence towards new journey.🙂

Hello Everyone,

Sameena Yasmeen here . I have started Anaplan journey with guidance from good professionals. Structuring my careeer growth step by step using Anaplan efficiently and hope the community will guide me building it more strong.


I was working as a DataWarehousing Tester. Then took a healthy family break at the same time being productive to my careeer by engaging myself in all possible ways to keep my profession refreshing. I am looking forward earning Anaplan Certificates paving way for career path to wide open with fresh suitable opportunities.


Wishing all the new members All the very Best!!! and the community members Good wishes.


Thanks and Regards,

Sameena Yasmeen

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Hello, @SameenaYasmeen! Always happy to help provide encouragement—you've got this! 😄 👍