November Achievements

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November Achievements

November was another exciting month for Learners throughout the Anaplan Talent Builder program. Check out these numbers: 

  • 45 Learners completed Level 1 Model Building
  • 23 Learners completed Level 2 Model Building
  • 16 Learners completed The Anaplan Way
  • 14 Learners achieved Certified Model Builder status

Some of those Learners are members of the Learners Lounge, so we want to recognize their accomplishments. Congratulations to all our new Model Builders!

Special recognition for @jonsalt@Sb1011@varun.joshi07, and @Yogeeswarareddya, whose accomplishments above mean that they've each received the Certified Model Builder status. 

Please join me in posting your encouragement and congratulations for your fellow Learners!


Re: November Achievements


Does this include the L1 ILT completions? Just curious how many that includes. I know of 16 for sure.Congratulations.

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Re: November Achievements

This isn't a comprehensive list of everyone who completed trainings recently; this is specifically Anaplan Access/Anaplan Talent Builder learners who are members of the Learners Lounge group. 😀

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Re: November Achievements

Thank you sir @AaronW !!