October Achievements

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October Achievements

Wow! October was a busy month for everyone. Throughout the Anaplan Talent Builder program: 

  • 32 Learners completed Level 1 Model Building
  • 11 Learners completed Level 2 Model Building
  • 10 Learners completed The Anaplan Way
  • 9 Learners achieved Certified Model Builder status

Not every one of those Learners is a member of this Group, but for those who are, I'm excited to offer recognition for your accomplishments. Congratulations to all our new Model Builders!

Finally, special congratulations to @VSridhar, who completed The Anaplan Way training and received the Certified Model Builder status. 

Please join me in posting your encouragement for your fellow Learners on these milestones!



@akankshaschavan@jingru@Moboraie@nburles@syrajkumar@varun.joshi07@wesleyrgreen93 @Yogeeswarareddya and @VSridhar

Time to Celebrate!!

Jared Dolich
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Thank you!

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Congratulations @akankshaschavan@jingru@Moboraie@nburles@syrajkumar@varun.joshi07@wesleyrgreen93,@Yogeeswarareddya , and 

@VSridhar !!

Care to share how long it took to reach these goals?  I started in September and have been sidetracked by some busy periods at work, so I'm still on L1.  I'm  hoping to make some good progress between now and when work gets busy again at the end of January.  

Give yourselves a pat on the back!  🎉


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It took a week for me to complete the first four lessons in level one and from there I completed certification within the next two weeks, as you will find hands-on sessions to be more engaging which will help to finish lessons faster. Examination questions will be a mix of tool background, best practices, and results reported by executing scenarios. Good luck!

My iMac screen was large enough to keep lessons and Anaplan in a split-screen, otherwise, an extended monitor would help you much!

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Thanks for the information @syrajkumar.  It sounds like to you have a good process for getting the work done.  I definitely like working on two screens when I can.  

Good luck in your future progress!

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@AaronW  Thank you!


Hearty congratulations on your achievements!!!

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Thank you! Congratulations everyone!🎊 @akankshaschavan@Moboraie@nburles@syrajkumar@varun.joshi07@wesleyrgreen93

@Yogeeswarareddya 🎉