Recommended Read: My Road to Master Anaplanner

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Recommended Read: My Road to Master Anaplanner

As each of you continues to pursue your Anaplan training—and the opportunities that come with it—I wanted to share a recent Anaplan Community blog post with you as encouragement to keep going! 

In this post, "My Road to Master Anaplanner," @DaanishSoomar unpacks his journey of going from unemployed to Master Anaplanner and top Community contributor in just three years. 

If you haven't seen it yet, I also highly recommend @JaredDolich's story, previously posted here, and the recording of our Q&A with @einas.ibrahim, which you can find here.

I hope these stories inspire you in your journey! If you have questions for any of these amazing people, I know they would be happy to respond if you tag them here. 

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Thanks @AaronW for the kind words!


Yes absolutely, if anyone has any questions or wants to reach out don’t hesitate to do so. Happy to help anyone. You can reply here or find me on LinkedIn 🙂 

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Thanks, Aaron and Daanishsoomar for the kind message!

I will ask any questions if I meet during the improving Anaplan Builder Talent.


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Hi I have gone through the 15 chapters and did analysis but could not find the environment to build my model .plz specify the environment name or link



Thanks for the shoutout @AaronW - means a lot to be compared to pros like @DaanishSoomar and @einas.ibrahim 

Jared Dolich