Response Requested! New Resources for Learners

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Response Requested! New Resources for Learners

Hello, everyone! We are working on creating more resources to help Learners make the most of their time in the Anaplan Talent Builder program. Your input is valuable to help us know what would be most beneficial to you!

One of the options we are considering is a recurring virtual event series that would involve the chance to hear from a Master Anaplanner about their story, career path, etc. This would involve the option for interactive Q&A as well. Please leave a comment to let us know if this is something you would be interested in attending.

We are also working on resources such as Frequently Asked Questions, suggested training timelines, and more. If you have other ideas of resources that would be particularly helpful to you, please share your ideas here as well.


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It would be useful and helpful to hear their implementation approach and how they succeeded with the project goals. What was the most challenging part of rolling the solution will give us a better understand about the capabilities in Anaplan


Hi Aaron,

These would-be great offerings to Learner’s Lounge!


The recurring virtual event series would provide value by listening, learning, and asking questions live! 

In addition to Master Anaplanners, stories from Certified Model Builders and Solution Architects would be useful.  And a couple other dimensions for speakers and /or Learners:

  • Work Years (< 5 years, 5-15 years, 15+ years)
  • SaaS / Modeling Work Experience (< 2 years, 2-5 years, 5+ years)
  • Org (Anaplan Employee, Anaplan Partner, Public company, Private company, GovCon).


Have you considered providing “hints” within the FAQ or as a separate resource?  The formula hints were great, encouraging to do it on your own and as a confirmation you were on the right path.   This is following Einas Ibrahim & other community boss’ approach.


Training Timeline suggestions could be based on SaaS / modeling experience. 


Thank you for sharing & asking us to share!   

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Thanks to each of you for your feedback. We'll be scheduling our first all-Learner open event for February 10. We'll share more details and open up registration this coming Monday, February 1!