Staying engaged with Anaplan

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Staying engaged with Anaplan

First of all, I am very thankful to Anaplan for giving me access to the Talent Builder program. I am continuing to work through certifications and online classes while I am looking for my next job opportunity. 

When the 90-day Talent Builder access is over, what suggestions does the community have to stay engaged with Anaplan and continue learning?


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Re: Staying engaged with Anaplan

Hi @harrywinsch1!

First, thank you for your comments; it's great to hear that the program has been helpful to you. 

Beyond that, I'm pleased to know that you want to stick around after you complete your certification. We have a few recommendations for that. 

  • Find your next Anaplan opportunity by listing yourself as a newly available talent in the User Directory.
  • Stay connected in the Anaplan Community, including the Forums and Groups.
  • Join our Anaplan Community LinkedIn Group to network with others in the Anaplan ecosystem.
  • The Academy offers a lot of on-demand training beyond Certified Model Builder—many of which don't require platform access to go through (access will always help, but the courses are available either way). 

And, of course, share your learning journey with others like you here in the Learner's Lounge—we're always looking to hear success stories, encouragement, and tips for other Learners.

I'll throw the question out to others as well: if you've completed your certifications, how are you staying connected to Anaplan and the Community?


Re: Staying engaged with Anaplan

Also, research Anaplan partners' website, blogs, and webinars. Great information with deep experience, usually initially with Anaplan.