The Road to Master Anaplanner: Being First

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The Road to Master Anaplanner: Being First

I know many of you Learners are aiming not just for Certified Model Builder status, but ultimately for Master Anaplanner (and some of you are well on your way!)

If you haven't seen the recent Community blog post ("The First Thing I Needed to Know About Becoming a Master Anaplanner") from Master Anaplanner and Community Boss @jdolich, I highly recommend this read. More than strategic tips, it's about the perspective and attitude it takes to succeed. This outlook is the heartbeat of the Anaplan Community and corporate culture. I hope it encourages and inspires you to persevere in your training and attain great heights alongside your fellow Learners and colleagues!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think. 

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Thank @AaronW for encouraging me to read ( "The First Thing I Needed to Know About Becoming a Master Anaplanner") from Master Anaplanner and Community Boss @jdolich, .

It reflect helping nature of Anaplan Community   , I have experienced so far in University Connect Program .Presenters in weekly drop in session are amazing , they were guide me with willingness to guide me.



Thanks @AaronW !!

Jared Dolich
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Hi Aaron,


I am on the Level 1 Model Builders course and I aim to take the exam next week.


Ultimately my goal is to become a Master Anaplanner, working for Anaplan themselves, and building efficient models for a number of clients.


I believe I can succeed in becoming a Master Anaplanner because I have the drive, determination, and dedication to get to this level.


Once I pass the Level 1 Model Building exam, I will need additional access to the Anaplan platform beyond the 90 day free trial to then be able to dedicate myself to learning and passing Level 2 Model Building, Level 3 Model Building, Certified Solution Architect, and ultimately Master Anaplanner.


Would you be able to arrange for me to have the additional access to ultimately gain Master Anaplanner status?


Thank you


Nick Koufou


PS Can I change my ID from Hyperion60 to Anaplan61 please?  

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Hi Nick, 

These are fantastic aspirations! The Anaplan Access program is specifically designed to help Learners master the initial Certified Model Builder training path, so we're unable to extend anyone's access for the time involved to progress beyond that. However, I encourage you to make sure you get listed on the Available Talent board to help you find your next opportunity. Most people get the majority of their Anaplan training and learning while on the job. 

Regarding your Community ID, please send a request to and they can help you out. 

Thanks again, and let us know if you have other questions!