Tips for Effective Online Learning

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Tips for Effective Online Learning

Hello, Learners! It's been nearly a year since lockdown restrictions began in many places. During that time, we've all made adjustments to how and where we work—and learn. I think even those of us who would say we've successfully adjusted to a remote environment for these activities would likely also say there's still room for improvement!

I ran across this article from the e-learning site Coursera that offers 8 Tips for Effective Online Learning. My favorite of these tips is, of course, number 6, which says that learners who participate in online discussion forums are 37% more likely to complete a course

So, keep posting your questions, successes, and goals here in the Learner's Lounge. Take advantage of the opportunity this space offers to help you stay on track.  A great place to start is to review the recording of our recent Q&A with Master Anaplanner Einas Ibrahim—and post any additional questions you might have for her when you're done. Also, don't miss the Anaplan Live! Spotlight event this week, with an agenda that's fully focused on model builders and the opportunity to connect with Anaplan experts.

Chime in: what helps you stay on track with Anaplan Talent Builder? Share your habits, tips, ideas, playlists, etc., with the Group!



I'll share a few tips which really helped me get the most for my learning! 

  1. I created a module that uses every Anaplan function. Some are intuitive and others required me to go to Anapedia and read about them. Be careful though to set your model calendar appropriately for functions like Weektodate(). You'll also have to make up some data. Screenshot below.
  2. I read the Community Posts. The Community Forum allows you to see what others are asking and what some of the experts have to say about a solution. This is a great chance for you to use your sandbox and see if you can solve the problem too. If you feel you've got the answer, make sure you post it. You might get a solution credit!
  3. Practice The Hard To Find Topics. I used the sandbox to practice using Data Hubs, Data Integration with Anaplan Connect, and ALM. These three topics will make you very powerful because these are typically not explained in any detail in the certification courses. But the need is very high for those that understand them.

Here's a small sample from the all function module blueprint. It may look intimidating but once you get started you'll really enjoy building this out.


Jared Dolich