Welcome, New Members! | January 2021

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Welcome, New Members! | January 2021

It's a new year, and we have some new Learners to welcome to this Group! For those of you who have joined in the last month, I hope you'll take full advantage of the opportunity here to meet and interact with your fellow Learners. Ask questions, share insights, and encourage each other on milestones and successes. We look forward to celebrating your victories as you complete each training!

Welcome to: @madhurigovankop, @harshakonindala, @Prabhatjha2311, @vikasice, @sugskukreti, @CommunityMember116788, @Kavyasri, @ShilpaKumar, @Ajit, @chada8, @ToddFrascht, @Manuag11@MryPshaif.tazir@cognizant.com@Sahil, @veduvs43, @faragh, @DYANG21, @alisher, @Viveks, @Prasoon, @Shanky662, @Pri

If you feel comfortable sharing with the rest of the Group, please post a reply to introduce yourself and share:

  • Where you are in the world
  • What brought you to Anaplan Talent Builder
  • Your goal for your access period and how this Group can help you achieve it

And once again...we're glad you're here.

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Wishing you all a blessed year ahead!

Starting off the new year right! Proud to have earned my Anaplan Model Builder certification!



Welcome to one of the greatest Community Group led by @AaronW  and @HannahT ! So glad you're here!



Jared Dolich
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I'm from Bangalore, India. One of my previous employer had been using Anaplan for financial planning. I was fascinated by the way things worked out for them in Anaplan.

I have completed level 1, Level 2 and Anaplan way to become certified model Builder. I'm in Sprint 1 of Level 3. 



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Welcome, Madhuri—and wow! That's fast progress. I hope you have as much success with Level 3 as you have so far! Glad you're here.
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Hearty Welcome to all into Anaplan community !!!
All the best for your journey with Anaplan.
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@AaronW I submitted the application for the Talent Builder program a week ago and still haven't heard back anything nor given access to the 90 day trial. I've gone as far in the Model Builder courses as I can without application access. How do I expedite getting access so I can progress forward?

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Hi, Brian. Our Talent Builder Team processes all new learners in the Anaplan Access program. I will have them reach out to you- keep an eye out for an email from talentbuilder@anaplan.com