Welcome to the Anaplan Access Learner's Lounge


Welcome to the Anaplan Access Learner's Lounge

Welcome to the Anaplan Access Learner’s Lounge! We’re happy to have you as part of this excellent opportunity for you to experience Anaplan first-hand and grow your model building expertise within the platform.

To get started with your free, 90-day access to Anaplan, be sure to request access now by completing the Temporary Access and Use Agreement, which can be found on the Requesting Access to Anaplan Training Workspace page. Once you’ve submitted your request, your access will be processed within 72 business hours.

Now what?

In the meantime, this is the perfect chance to become familiar with all of the resources that will help you along your Anaplan learning journey, including enrolling in immediate, on-demand training, as well as becoming familiar with your Anaplan Community resources.

Anaplan Community
The Anaplan Community is how Anaplan supports, inspires, and connects over 30,000 Anaplanners from around the world. Create a Community profile for free to obtain access to learning, blogs, forums, support, and much, much more, including:

Again, be sure to register for the Community to create your free account today.  

Anaplan Learning Center
The Anaplan Learning Center, part of the Anaplan Academy, is where you will enroll in model building courses and track your learning through key courses, such as Level 1 Model Building, Level 2 Model Building, and more.

Anapedia is Anaplan’s home for technical platform documentation, including in-depth support documents and tutorials to support your model building journey.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

We're here for you and want you to be successful. If you have any questions or comments to share, send us an email at academy@anaplan.com, or create a new topic here in the Learner’s Lounge.

Again, we are excited to welcome you on the start of your Anaplan journey. From time-to-time we may reach out to hear how your journey is progressing and understand how we can improve your experience. If you have any feedback for us in the meantime, let us know!