"Graduate" Story Time!

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"Graduate" Story Time!

It's been a while since we heard from our former Learners! Last time, we heard some exciting stories about new projects and new opportunities after completing Anaplan training.

If you've completed any level of training in the last year, we'd love to hear from you. Where has your journey taken you? How have you been able to use your new skills? 


Tell us about new jobs, next steps, and unexpected changes. Your stories encourage and inspire others along the way, so please don't be shy!



My Story:
I completed the 'Certified Model Builder' a few months ago!  And I continue my Anaplan learning & application journey!
I started this new chapter of 'Anaplan' in my career when I had almost completed 18 years of EPM expertise with another EPM product / solution. With that practical exposure, I enjoy while learning Anaplan on the robust ways it can fit & apply while offering solutions to any business.

Unexpected changes in visualization:
I realize that there are many aspects in Anaplan as a differentiator and game changer, to help businesses & offer them easy & simple solutions.

App building - A Scope for Partners?
I use to think that building an app for proposing formulae in complex scenarios can become more user friendly, and thereby post implementation maintenance can be comfortably in-house for businesses.

I engage in a small way into Anaplan projects as functional SME for more than a year and hope to make Anaplan as a primary consulting area sooner.

Next Steps:
I am looking to engage with Anaplan Partners in the US, on different projects, on remote engagement models and would love to be part of their projects leveraging my expertise. But sadly, I could not reach the right targets until now!. A few direct mails did not help!

Growing Network:
This has given potential to approach partners, new clients & colleagues to grow my professional network.


Thanks to Anaplan for all that! If I can complete the 'learning process & further steps' in the Learning Academy Road Map, I would love to see myself as a 'Master Anaplanner' shortly.