Training models and apps to help you become a capable Anaplaner
Dynamic Cell Access - Learning App
This App gives worked examples of common Use Case problems that the new Dynamic Cell Access functionality can easily solve
Managing Numbered Lists
An easy-to-understand example of creating and managing numbered lists in a hierarchy within Anaplan
Reporting Tips & Tricks
The Reporting Tips & Tricks app is designed to provide examples of methods used to enhance reporting in Anaplan.
Anaplan App for Platform Releases
We’re always looking for ways to improve the Anaplan platform’s ability to help empower decision-makers in your company to plan more effectively. This means exciting new platform functionality and mo... 
Time Filters
This Learning App teaches model builders the best way to easily apply time filters to modules in order to increase usage and performance of their models.
Trigonometry Functions
The Trigonometry Functions Learning App explains how to build Sine (SIN), Cosine (COS), and Tangent (TAN) graphs in Anaplan.
Data Hub
The Data Hub is an app that stores Master Data (Product Hierarchy, Customer Hierarchy, etc) that are common across multiple apps. The Data Hub allows you to synchronize master data across apps via pr... 
Data Hub - Planning, Budgeting, & Forecating
This version of the Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting app contains the same functionality as the standard version, and in addition, connects to the Data Hub v1.0.0 and the other Data Hub connected ... 
Anaplan Formulas and Functions
The Formulas and Functions app is a reference guide to many of the popular formulas and commands used regularly within Anaplan. Get this app to see layouts and an example of each formula and function... 
Descriptive Statistics
The Descriptive Statistics Learning App is designed to teach Anaplan users how to add basic statistical calculations to any model. In this app we use historical data over a period of time as the prim... 
How to Use Dynamic Charts
This Learning App teaches model builders how to add the Dynamic Charting functionality to their models. Dynamic Charting is a feature in Anaplan that eliminates the time consuming process of updating... 
Linear Regression Example
Need to evaluate a market trend, forecast demand, or predict sales? Then linear regression analysis may be the tool for you. This Learning app demonstrates how you can do simple linear regression ana... 
Dashboard Creation Guidelines
Dashboards are a key aspect of Anaplan’s value proposition. They allow application designers to create a unique and customized UI/UX for end-users that can drive adoption, bring to light previously u... 
Modeling Examples
Need a model for how to model? The Modeling Examples Learning app includes model examples for allocations, currency conversions, variance reporting, revenue recognition, and much more. Gain a better ...