Assigning Accounts to Territories Process Questions

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Assigning Accounts to Territories Process Questions

This forum is for asking the stakeholders of the Unicorn Candy Company questions about the Assigning Accounts to Territories Process.  The Anaplan Academy team will be monitoring this forum during US Central standard business hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for replies. This forum is not to be used for asking questions about model building or for help with modeling questions, these questions will be removed from the forum.  This is to clarify details regarding the business processes.

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These assignments will be held for the year, there is no need to build in any functionality to account for reassignment. We just want to make sure we can finalize them and assure they will have a proper code. 

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Hi Anaplan Team,


In US 2.2 -2.3, We are setting up the count calculation for QU001 and QU002 modules. Till now, Only a Territory file is provided to be loaded in Hub with out any account mappings. To complete this we need account data for the territory which is not available yet. 


To finish 2.2 - 2.3, How do I know the Account to Territory mapping? Should I use the assign process to set up a sample mapping till actual data is provided

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@nmaram  Yes, you should just use the Assign process to check that it is working until you get a new file later on in the course. 

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@ChrisMullen I'm now in sprint 2, but I really hope you are going to ask in the exam "As a solution architect, where would you implement improvements in the process?". This entire assign process is just screaming for it. 🙂

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Hi Chris,

I don't understand the purpose of the Finalize Assignments process. It is explained that it "will run the process to finalize the mapping of accounts to territories and create an identifying code".
For accounts displayed in this DB as incorrectly assigned, does the end user correct assignment of these accounts to territories on this dashboard or on the Assign Accounts DB?

Or does the end user follow these steps: 
1- check errors on Account Exceptions DB
2- modify assignments on Assign Accounts DB
3- fun Finalize Assignments process, in order to create (or rectify) the right codes for previously misassigned accounts?

Thanks by advance for your response.

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Hi @EmmelineM 


That is correct.  The goal is for the end user to be able to easily identify and fix any mismatches and then run the process to make sure that there are codes.




I have a question for Country Sales Operations Manager for Assigning Accounts to Territories:


  • The final Account Sales target is reviewed and also the account segmentation level before assigning each account to a territory.  If an account needs greater support that account can be distributed across territories rather than overloading a single territory (Account: Territory = 1:Many)
  • In the next figure it states that to ensure each account is assigned to only one territory (Account: Territory = 1:1)


Which one is correct?



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Each account should be a 1:1 relationship with a territory 

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Hi Chris,


I am looking at the UX design requirements & thinking I would have a line item in my model that is a list of territories that the end user would use to select against each account. 

This would mean it is not possible to assign an account to more than one territory. 


Would we not be looking to adapt some of the user stories to simply their process?

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I would like some detail related to the Client's segmentation.  We know that it is related to each account's growth potential:

  1. Does UC has any kind of calculation behind this growth potential for each account?
  2. Is this growth potential related to the client segmentation we already have for this model?
  3. Is this gong to be a manual input from someone from the Sales Team?
  4. This variable is obtained by consensus among the Regional Sales Ex and their Country Sales Ops Manager, or is this input going to be updated manually by each Country Sales Ops Manager?
  5. As UC will have the historical sales data by account and product, is this information relevant for calculation the growth potential?

Along with the support requirements related to the client's segmentation, is there any rule or KPI that gives any guidance related to this level of support required? E.g. number of visits to a client per month, number of orders by month?


Related to the territory assigment, Which are the capabilities of the territories?  Are they related to FTEs or headcount, level of expertise of the team? 

Is the PY Sales volume related to this assignment mechanism?

Is it possible to obtain further information for this point?