Commission Forecast - numbers a little bit off...

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Commission Forecast - numbers a little bit off...



I am slightly off on the commission forecast (see attached image). I have the below calculation logic for that line item:

Sum the Quartervalue of the Sales Target for the Accounts for the specific Sales Rep * Quarter Apportionment * Yearly Net Commission %


For example Jannell Wetzel has to my understanding 3 Accounts she is responsible for with respective target sales for Q1 FY20: 

Meecandy - 62,747

Cogicandey - 49,102

Voochocolate - 42,121


I sum these together in a Quarterly dimensioned module arriving at 153,970 for Q1 for her. I then select this line item for my first part of the logic for the Commission Forecast by using the QUARTERVALUE. Then the Quarter Apportionment for January for example is 35%, second part of the formula, and lastly I take the Net Commission % from the SYSTEM module not based on time for the sales reps, in her case 8.10% (I took the Commission % times the Attainment % to arrive to this value). This then gives the value in the image, ex. Jan 20 is 4,365. But should be 4,249.


Can someone please point me in the right direction here as I cannot see what I'm doing wrong?


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Re: Commission Forecast - numbers a little bit off...

did anyone get to the bottom of this. I too have slightly differing numbers for Janell's sales commission.  see attached