Establishing Sales Targets Business Process Questions

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Establishing Sales Targets Business Process Questions

This forum is for asking the stakeholders of the Unicorn Candy Company questions about the establishing sales targets process.  The Anaplan Academy team will be monitoring this forum during US Central standard business hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for replies. This forum is not to be used for asking questions about model building or for help with modeling questions, these questions will be removed from the forum.  This is to clarify details regarding the business processes.

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Sorry, maybe the question is already here, but the chain is already very long. I would like to ask according to which key the redistribution of account sales target works? If I override the account sales target of Account A, how do you spread the difference to accounts B and C in order to keep the total country sales target the same? 

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@SarkaKrizkova  This is just a math problem.... think about the algebra you took in high school and design a process that meets the requirement.  Figuring out the math problem and the process in Anaplan to accomplish the business requirement is part of the goal of the course.  🙂

You can do it!  


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Can you define the difference between "Sale Seasonality" and "Product Sales Patterns"

when establishing each accounts's Previous Year Actual Sales Revenue





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There are 13 countries in the Unicorn Candy Company's organization structure, split into 3 regions.


Do ALL the circa. 150 customer accounts apply to ALL the countries, or is it a mixture?


ie 150 customer accounts in US, 120 customer accounts in Canada, 100 in Brazil, etc?





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When individual account sales targets are overridden, is it done via a percentage uplift/profile or simply completely overriding the number? (E.g. if the target is $100 and needs adjusting to $110, would you submit a 10% uplift or just type $110 over the $100)


Also, would there ever be a scenario where regional sales executives over wrote targets at a country level?   

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The customer accounts are organized into one of three segments - Small, Medium, or Large.  The segmentation is based on overall growth potential for the accounts. 


Question: how is overall growth potential determined?  What metrics are used and what are the thresholds for each segment?

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How are sales allocated to new customers if they did not have any sales in the prior year?

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Country sales target is distributed among the accounts according to their PY share of the total sales.  So:

  • Is there any correction of these %s due to the month in which the client was created or started to buy to UC?
  • Is there any target|rule related not only to the sales for current accounts but to new accounts or there is another set of targets that addresses this point of new clients?
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Hi Chris - I have just submitted my Target Review UX Prototype based on the video transcript guidelines of "If you remember from the FP&A model, part of the Financial Planning process was to create a monthly revenue forecast by product family and country for the next fiscal year. As part of our Sales Planning processes, we use this revenue forecast as a starting place for establishing our sales revenue targets. We refer to this as our Baseline Financial Forecast."


I was surprised to see the example prototype uses prior year actuals as the Baseline as opposed to the current year revenue forecast from the FP&A model (which we would then apply the stretch targets to). The above extract definitely states "next fiscal year" - Am I the only confused student here.........

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How and where does the seasonality and trend pattern impact when the Regional Sales Executive applies an increase in percentage on the baseline forecast? 

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