LA User Group Agenda and Happy Hour

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LA User Group Agenda and Happy Hour

The LA User Group is fast approaching.   We wanted to share the Agenda and what we have for our Happy Hour.



- Introductions

- Data Hub / Integrations - Scott Smith

- Connected Planning - Connor O'Brien

- Customer Round Table Discussion

- Upcoming Anaplan Offerings

    Community Job Board

    •UX Beta Program / Workflow Beta Program

    •Upcoming User Group Live!
Happy Hour Menu
- Chips and Guacamole
- Smoky braised beef sliders, horseradish crema, arugula, crispy shallots
- Crispy Cheese and Chicken Quesadilla
- Shrimp and Caulifolower taguitos, Gazpacho salsa, poblano crema, cabbage pico de gallo
- Beer, Wine, and Cocktails, Soda
See you all soon!!