Master Anaplanner Eligibility


 • Minimum 1-year of experience with the Anaplan platform

 • Experience can be with multiple employers

 • Must be active within the Anaplan platform

 • Defined by the median of edits per month for the last six months

 • Must complete required training outlined below 

To help you better prepare for the certification test, we have also created a resource page. Additional courses listed on that page are not required.

Required Training
Introduction to Model Building (102)
Agile and Anaplan (140)
Intermediate Model Building (201)
Agile in Action (341)

For courses to be accurately tracked on your Anaplan learning record, all training must be completed through Learning.Anaplan.

*In addition, partners and employees interested in obtaining Master Anaplanner status must complete all courses listed in the Partner Learning Path prior to applying.