Master Anaplanner Eligibility

Certified Master Anaplanners are Anaplan’s experienced platform evangelists who share a common technical language and are involved in the structural development of their models. Anaplan's current customers, registered partners, and employees are all eligible to become a Certified Master Anaplanner, given they are willing and able to meet the requirements below.

Anaplan Platform Certification PAth.PNG


Candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Complete the core Academy trainings by becoming a Certified Solution Architect
  • Achieve a high level of Anaplan model building activity
    • Defined by efforts of our current Certified Master Anaplanners

More courses to be added upon impending releases. 

Program Updates (Updated on April 7th, 2021)

Starting April 7th, the Master Anaplanner Team will pause all processes–including application reviews–as we focus on elevating the Master Anaplanner application-to-certification experience. Please revisit this page in May to learn about the new processes, to access the new application form, and to resume your path to becoming a Certified Master Anaplanner. 



@Ameneh I noticed the "data integration" link above is going to the best practices site. You may want to refresh that link.

I assume its this one.



Thanks for looking out, @JaredDolich! The "Data Integration" link takes me here, to Anapedia: Does it lead you somewhere else?

Appreciate you locating the additional resource, we have it listed under "Third-party Data Integration," above. 



@Ameneh looks like it's working. Maybe I had a bad connection. Thanks for looking into it. As part of my training, I must of used those links 10 times each. Thank you!

Who is the best contact for moving certifications over to new Anaplan partner employer? 


Probably a ticket to would be great if the process was more clear especially as it relates to the partner portal. Let us know what you learn. I see this question often.

@JaredDolich I emailed with both partner emails. They were able to switch my credentials over to my new account very quickly. 



@sthomsen Thanks for sharing this. Make sure you check with the partner admin of your new company to make sure your certifications moved over. They can see all the certifications people have earned in a special dashboard for partners, called "resource 360".

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