Master Anaplanners are the pioneers of Connected Planning who are building the best practices within the industry. They are technical experts that represent the top 1% of Anaplan users, and in their everyday jobs evangelize the platform by architecting and deploying innovative Connected Planning solutions.

Master Anaplanners use their position of authority to provide architectural thought leadership. With years of hands-on model building experience, they understand all possible solutions to modeling challenges and can successfully identify the most scalable way to meet the business needs of planners within their organization. They are passionate about improving their solutions and help set the direction of the platform as it continues to evolve.

If you are a master at model building, regularly engage in Anaplan activities, and see yourself as an Anaplan advocate, then maybe it is time to consider applying to become a Master Anaplanner. Follow the process below to get started:

Master Anaplanners help take Anaplan to new heights and continue to challenge us to do better. Are you up for the challenge?


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