Mpls User Group 3/16/18


Mpls User Group 3/16/18


Great User Group this morning on the beautiful campus of the University of St. Thomas in downtown Mpls!  


Made new connections and came away with lots of ideas on how to apply what was presented.  Special thanks to....

  • Justin Egertson for sharing how Capella handles time filters and other tips and tricks "real time" in Anaplan.
  • Nora Fitzpatrick & Allison Hanson for sharing their journey and how Anaplan is helping them address market disruption in higher education.
  • Our Anaplan team - Pete Amundson, Jeff Sims and Mike Henderson - for their partnership on this event; making it fun, keeping it real, helping us succeed, and showing us the latest features and performance tips.

Don't miss our next group the afternoon of June 14th at SPS Commerce!

New Contributor

Thanks Nancy and thank you to Nora and Allison St. Thomas for hosting! 


If anyone wants a closer look at time filtering, I encourage you to visit the AppHub and download the reporting tips and tricks model.  I am also happy to go through our use in more detail with anyone interested.


See everyone in June.