Certified Master Anaplanners respond to COVID-19

COVID-19: How the Master Anaplanner Community is supporting our Ecosystem & Beyond

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented situation with COVID-19, we know that the Master Anaplanner Community is uniquely qualified to be part of the solution. Every Certified Master Anaplanner goes through a competitive qualification process that proves their ability to build the best what-if solutions to any business problems. As the top 1% of our ecosystem and planning experts, they can take Anaplan to its fullest potential and develop creative solutions for complex challenges.

Therefore, we are hosting a Global Master Anaplanner virtual hackathon this Thursday (3/26) for Certified Master Anaplanners to build high impact models with out-of-the-box solutions to support current Anaplan customers, public departments, and nonprofits as they respond to the front lines of the global pandemic.

We are thankful to our Certified Master Anaplanners for being such an important part of the Anaplan ecosystem and for their willingness to dive in to use their skills for good to support our community, businesses and the world in response to the novel coronavirus. We will be sure to share the successful outcomes of this hackathon with the Community, and ensure credit is given where due!

While there’s still a lot of uncertainty with COVID-19, it’s going to take all of us working together – employees, customers, partners, and communities – to find a way forward and keep our eyes on the future.

Thank you and hope you are all staying safe.



So great that we're going to be able to use our skills to problem solve and bring solutions.

I reached out to the state of New Jersey department of health volunteering to build them an inventory tracker for respirators, masks, other medical supplies. Also, can track the number of cases positive and negative by county, hospitalizations, fatalities, etc... I noticed they don't have any charts on their website but I've been keeping track of the statistics. Will send statuses here as I learn more about how to get involved. If anyone knows of a more direct way to contact States DOH please let me know. 

NJ Charts.png

And the Anaplan Version

NJ Charts_Anaplan.png

Can we get a link to the call, several of us Master Anaplanners at Spaulding Ridge would love to participate, we registered but haven't gotten any information about the webex/Zoom.





Hey I registered for the event and received the confirmation email from Anaplan.  It doesn't have a link to the live meeting or any instructions on how to get started... is there another resource on the Community I should be looking at?

I am helping with quickly expanding spontaneously formed na week ago no-profit (no-formal legal entity) group of 300+ volunteers that make handsewn cotton masks for health providers in Bay Area. I have a small scope idea to help with supply chain logistics but no time. Any MasterAnaplanners are interested to help out and volunteer their time? Please message at BayAreaCottonMasks@gmail.com



If anyone has an ongoing project today/over the weekend and needs assistance from a Master Anaplanner, please feel free to send me an email:


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