FAQ: Maintenance Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the “Master Anaplanner Home” model?
    This model is your central control tower for your life as a Certified Master Anaplanner, including all of your rewards, information, and certification maintenance tasks (formally launching January 2020). You will be able to directly update your work and contact information for us, review and opt-in to participate in engagement activities as they come up throughout the year and track your status towards completing your annual certification maintenance requirements.

  2. How do I access the “Master Anaplanner Home” model?
    This model is located in the Anaplan Centers of Excellence workspace within the Anaplan Centers of Excellence tenant, and all Certified Master Anaplanners are immediately added to the model upon becoming certified. 

  3. I use SSO/can’t see the model/get an error message when I go to MA Home. How do I get in?
    In a new incognito window (CTRL + SHIFT + N) or alternate browser (eg. If you use Chrome, try Firefox), go to Anaplan.com to log in via the Frontdoor. Click on ‘Forget password’ and you’ll receive an E-Mail from no-reply@anaplan.com, where you’ll be able to set a password to use. From there, you should be able to log in via the Frontdoor and access the Anaplan Centers of Excellence workspace. If it doesn’t work the first time, we suggest you try the alternative option from step 1 before contacting our team for support.

  4. Where can I find more details on each engagement opportunity?
    Descriptions of each engagement opportunities will be stored in the Master Anaplanner Home model. They will include information such as a detailed definition of the engagement opportunity and what its participation entails, how many points you will accrue, and exactly how we track and award credit for participation.

  5. How do I sign up for these engagement opportunities?
    Certain engagement opportunities, such as Community blog posts and public speaking opportunities, require advance scheduling and have limited availabilities. They will become available in the Master Anaplanner Home model where you can sign up for the opportunities that you’re interested in. We recommend checking in regularly to find new engagement opportunities throughout the year. Once you show interest, we will follow up with the next steps and get you started.

  6. How are you tracking all of this?
    Tracking your efforts involves a two-prong approach. In an effort to be as automated as possible, we will pull all data that is readily available (i.e. # of Community forum replies). For opportunities that aren’t directly tied to a data source, we will know of your contributions based on what you register for in the Master Anaplanner Home model. We will verify that you’ve completed the tasks you signed up for throughout the year.

  7. What is the time commitment?
    It’ll take roughly ~15 hours throughout the year to maintain your certification. We understand that some engagement opportunities will take more time and we encourage you to stay engaged with what you’re comfortable with.

  8. What are the mandatory core trainings?
    For this year, Certified Master Anaplanners are required to complete the new Level 1 and Level 2 Model Builder trainings and any additional core Academy trainings that are launched before June 30th, 2020, such as the anticipated launch of L3 (plus additional requirements where communicated separately for Partners). We will share the finalized list of required core trainings after June 30th. 
    The final list of core Academy trainings are Level 3 Model Building and its prerequisites (Level 1 and Level 2), as well as The Anaplan Way, which is now available on-demand for all learners. Since Solution Architect was released after June 30th, we look forward to including it in the maintenance requirements for 2021.

  9. How long will the mandatory training requirements take?
    While we encourage you to take the full training courses for personal development and to best enable your teams, we expect that you can test out of both L1 and L2 which should take approximately 6 hours to complete. Expected timings for future trainings will launch shortly after the release of those new certifications.
  1. I want to get credit for something that’s not listed as an engagement opportunity. How can I see if it qualifies and for how many points?
    The Master Anaplanner Home model will have the ability for you to suggest new engagement opportunities that you’re passionate about. We will then evaluate it on a case-by-case basis and determine if it qualifies for this year’s maintenance requirements and its point value.

  2. What else should I look out for?

December 10, 2019: Beta version of the Master Anaplanner Home model is ready

December 13, 2019: Live Q&A Session (recording available to Certified Master Anaplanners by request)

January 2020: Maintenance requirements and full Master Anaplanner Home model go live!

Throughout the Year: You will receive regular updates and reminders on your status

December 2020: Final review of maintenance requirements for 2021 Certified Master Anaplanners

January 2021: Certified Master Anaplanners are notified

  1. I want to opt-out of the maintenance requirements and therefore the Master Anaplanner Certification. What’s the process?
    Though we really don’t want to see you go, we understand if you wish to phase out of this certification. There’s no action required on your part and you will maintain your Master Anaplanner Certification until the end of 2020. We will look to provide a transparent and graceful way for you to exit the program.

Last updated on 03/30/2020.


Point #3 didn't work for me. When trying to reset my password, I've been getting email saying "Since you have been identified as a Single Sign-On user, please contact your Corporate IT for continued Anaplan access."

I was able to reset my password only after removing SSO for myself on one of the workpsaces.


Hope it'll help someone.

Is the required number of points for recertification pro-rated based on when you received the Master Anaplanner certification? For example, if I received the Master Anaplanner certification in July, am I required to get 200 points or still required to get 400 points?

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