Master Anaplanner Exam

Certifications offer a way to prove your skills. When you want to be recognized for achieving the highest level of skill, that of a Master Anaplanner, you want to be sure the testing process is secure and that all applicants are treated fairly. To achieve that end, we have partnered with Kryterion Global Testing Solutions to administer the Master Anaplanner Certification Exam.

Once you are qualified, you can sign up to take the 90-minute exam. It can be taken online as a proctored exam or at any Kryterion Testing Center. The exam is made up of 60 multiple choice questions that focus on the areas of modeling, data integration, and Center of Excellence principles.

There is a fee of $550 + local tax rate for each attempt.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I qualify for the Master Anaplanner Certification Exam?

Please visit the eligibility page to review the qualifications for the Master Anaplanner Certification Exam.

All Anaplan Certified Solution Architects  automatically qualify for the Master Anaplanner Certification Exam.

How do I access the Master Anaplanner Certification Exam?

If you are an Anaplan Certified Solution Architect, you will be able eligible to sign up for the exam. Please follow the steps on the Master Anaplanners Introduction page.

The first step is to create an account on Kryterion’s testing platform, Webassessor. Follow the links on the page to get this set up, using the same email as your Learning Center account.

After creating your Webassessor account, the Master Anaplanner team reviews your eligibility and approves your account. These approvals occur every Friday.

After you are approved, you can register for either a proctored online exam or an in person exam at a Kryterion test site.


Why can’t I see anything past Step 1 on the Master Anaplanners Introduction page ?

To be able to see the full list of steps outlined, you must meet the eligibility criteria by becoming an Anaplan Certified Solution Architect. 

If you have completed this under a different email or company, please email to transfer over your learning records account.

Is there a fee for the Master Anaplanner Certification Exam?

To cover the cost of the proctored examination, there is a fee of $550 plus regional taxes per scheduled exam.

How do I take the Exam?

You can find a list of testing centers here or take a proctored online exam. If you are taking the online proctored exam, please review Kyterion’s Online Testing RequirementsOne of the requirements for the online exam is to download and install Kryterion’s Sentinel software, which may require Administrator privileges on your computer.

After your account is approved in Webassessor, you can register for either a proctored online exam or an in-person exam at a Kryterion testing center. The exam is timed and will take 90 minutes to complete. Please plan for testing of the proctoring system at the beginning of the online exam. This may take up to 15 minutes.

What happens if I applied before and didn't qualify?

All applicants will follow the same application-to-certification process regardless of the original application date.

Does this impact Current Certified Master Anaplanners?

No. Current Certified Master Anaplanners do not have to take the updated exam or pay any fees as long as their certification has not expired.



I'm wondering how long it typically takes to get the results of the exam back, and if they come via email or through the WebAssessor website?


I guess you already know, since you passed it, but for anyone else in the future - you get the results on the screen right away after submitting the exam.

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