Master Anaplanner Maintenance Requirements for Year 2020

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“Certified Master Anaplanners are the pioneers of Connected Planning who are building the best practices within the industry. They are technical experts that represent the top 1% of Anaplan users, and in their everyday jobs evangelize the platform by architecting and deploying innovative Connected Planning solutions…

…the Master Anaplanner Program will continue to evolve and support a strong and thriving ecosystem of model builders and Anaplan champions.”

Our team has been thrilled to host such a great community of planning experts. We always have a great time showcasing your contributions to the ecosystem and we look forward to having an even bigger year next year. Thank you for all you do and keep up the amazing work!

We know it’s not easy being the top 1%, and it takes a lot of investment to keep it up. To reward you for your work and to ensure your status continues to be highly regarded, The Master Anaplanner Program is launching maintenance requirements starting calendar year 2020. Your participation is required if you wish to retain your Master Anaplanner Certification for the following year (2021).

Maintenance requirements will be in effect on an annual basis with a structured scoring system, so you can now earn points for the all of the things you have already been doing to give back to our ecosystem. All you need to do is accumulate at least 400 points by the end of the calendar year, and you’re all set!

Fast Facts

  • Participation is required to maintain your certification for 2021
  • 400 points are needed
  • Collect points by opting-in to engagement opportunities
  • Valid contributions must be in calendar year Jan – Dec 2020
  • Deadline for completion is Dec 31st, 2020
  • Master Anaplanner Home model is source for registering and tracking engagement opportunities

Keep reading for more details, or find the FAQ here

Why Maintenance Requirements?

“I'm supportive of having some type of requirements especially if they are molded in a way that helps Master Anaplanners stay current.” – @Tiffany.Rice 

"I think to stay current you need show that you have maintained a level continuous learning over a period.” @sean_culligan 

The Master Anaplanner Certification should always be a relevant and trusted designation of the experts in the Anaplan ecosystem. As the program enters its fourth year, we take very seriously our responsibility as stewards of the program to make sure there is no doubt in the market that a current Certified Master Anaplanner is always a true Anaplan expert, regardless of when they were first certified. This naturally led to the idea of maintenance requirements, so the entire ecosystem has insight into the impact and expertise of this community.

One of the most substantial benefits of this certification is the ability to build your professional brand and showcase your skills and expertise globally both within our ecosystem and beyond. This maintenance program is built entirely around rewarding you for your current contributions and providing a stage and spotlight for all of you. In addition to bringing you opportunities to make your mark, this process will also create a place for you to collect your work and create a personal library of your contributions.

As an early adopter of the Platform, you got in on the ground floor of this growing ecosystem. The activities we selected directly influence the next generation of the Anaplan ecosystem, so as this ecosystem expands and thrives you will receive a accelerated benefit from its success. Additionally, some tasks are required, such as core training and continued familiarity with the model building experience, to ensure your skills stay sharp.

Requirements At-A-Glance

”I believe having a certain number of hours under you belt and evidencing re-training and contributing to support the community are all very important factors.“ - @usman.zia 

The maintenance requirements are composed of engagements that you and other Certified Master Anaplanners have already been voluntarily involved in. With the help of your input, our team took the opportunity to compile all of the Certified Master Anaplanners’ contributions to date, measured the impact and effort for each engagement, and translated them into points for you to accumulate.

Very few items are mandatory for all of you, and how you reach your maintenance requirement is entirely up to you. You can continue with what you have already been doing or review our recommended engagement to get inspired to try new opportunities. Or, try out something you haven’t done before! Beyond making a splash in the ecosystem, engaging with these opportunities will allow you to really hone-in what you know and cement your place as a leader and pioneer.

This year, 2020, is our pilot year, so we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we adapt throughout the year and finalize the framework for subsequent years.

Selection Criteria

“If it's built out to ensure I'm still engaged, keeping up with Anaplan, can get my hands dirty if needed...then I should be fine.” – @greggil 

Our point system is directly tied to two key factors: IMPACT and EFFORT. This combines the benefit that each activity has on the Anaplan ecosystem, and how much time and energy is required to complete the task. For each task, we assessed the combination of those two values, with more points awarded to tasks that scored higher.

The requirement number of 400 points came from looking at Master Anaplanners who are in good standing with the program, and we set the minimum requirement to allow all of them to comfortably retain their status. The goal here is not to increase the expected contributions of any Certified Master Anaplanners, nor to decrease the size of the program or remove anybody. The goal is to formalize the current expectations of how a Certified Master Anaplanner engages within the ecosystem, while providing a clear path for anybody who is no longer interested to opt out and be removed from the program in a way that is explicit.

Like any good planners, we used a data-driven decision-making process, and we employed several planning-based approaches to select the points per activity and the total required points for maintenance. For example, here are some of the analyses we conducted:

  • We looked at the historical averages of our prior Certified Master Anaplanners who have been around for longer than one year, removed the outliers who were over or under engaged, and found the level of engagement that would have allowed all of those Certified Master Anaplanners who continue to be positive, active contributors in our ecosystem to retain their certification.
  • We looked at future capacity to host all your contributions, the availability of each of the engagement opportunities, and the future forecast and growth of our Certified Master Anaplanner pool. We added a wide variety of opportunities so there is enough for everyone to participate in and will promote additional options throughout the year. This way, everyone will be able to meet their maintenance requirements and retain their certification if they choose to participate. 
  • We did some scenario planning based on the initial assumptions on points from the earlier analyses. We looked at which types of activities would be required to maintain certification and how many Certified Master Anaplanners are currently doing those activities (see our sample profiles below), to ensure that people with different types of interests all had the same viable path to maintain their certification while putting in roughly the same amount of effort.
  • We benchmarked our plan against other professional certifications, compared the level of effort of ours as compared to theirs, and determined where it would be appropriate for the values to fall. Thanks @bdeaton
  • We considered how these engagements relate to the Master Anaplanner of the Year designation. This point system is an evolution of the process we used when selecting the 2019 Master Anaplanner of the Year, and in line with what we plan to use to select the 2020 recipient.

Based on this analysis, we are confident that you will be able to have an impact on the ecosystem, have time to do your day job, and retain your certification.

Optional Add-on: Specializations

Anaplan is an extremely flexible platform, so it is no surprise that many customers use it in wildly different ways. We don’t expect all of you to look or act the same, or to be experts on every single piece of functionality across the entire platform, so we are taking the first step to differentiate those unique and separate areas of expertise into our top-level certifications for those of you who opt-in.

We’re starting by launching a pilot just to the current group of Certified Master Anaplanners, and we have tied the specialization qualifications to the same activities as the maintenance requirements to kick things off so there is nothing separate you need to do to track your progress and work towards a specialization.

There is no requirement that anybody achieve a specialization certification. We know that some of you are interested in an idea like this, and we believe that many of you are already demonstrating your expertise in these areas in the ways that we will now be tracking and recognizing.

The specializations options are:

  • Model Building
  • Center of Excellence
  • Transformation & Process
  • Data Management
  • UX & Design
  • Solution Implementation Expert
  • TBD: Based on your contributions and themes that arise therefrom

Stay tuned for more details on how to earn a specialization badge, coming in January.

Get Started

Certified Master Anaplanners are eagerly promoting best practices and sharing insight on their Anaplan journeys. You can see them presenting at CPX, leading discussions in User Groups, and providing solutions in The Community.”

Review the scorecard in the image below to see the current list of qualified contributions, ranked by point value. We've also attached the PDF file in case you need to see it larger. You can use this document to calculate how your efforts this year stack up against the requirements and begin planning for next year.

2020 Engagement Opportunities.jpg

You can meet your maintenance requirements by continuing your engagement in the Community, being a thought leader and presenting about Anaplan, or establishing and sharing best practices within your company. The below image provides a few sample profiles of how someone could meet the requirements.

Sample Profiles.jpg

The “Master Anaplanner Home” model will host all the content you need to start collecting points. You will be directed to your own Master Anaplanner profile page where you can review specific instructions and qualifications metrics for each engagement opportunity. It’ll serve as your hub to register your contributions and have them validated by the Master Anaplanner Team.

Once there, you will be able to review any contributions we were able to capture automatically, sign up for opportunities that require advanced notice, and discover the specifics on how you will get credit. A select group of tasks will require additional validation in order for us to recognize your contributions (like Topology, CoE charter, mentor a student, etc). These details will be in the descriptions and will tell you how to submit for verification

Important Dates

Mark your calendars for:

  • December 10, 2019: Beta version of the Master Anaplanner Home model is ready
  • December 13, 2019: Live Q&A (1:30PM EST/10:30AM PST)
  • January 2020: Maintenance requirements and full Master Anaplanner Home model go live!
  • Throughout the Year: You will receive regular updates and reminders on your status
  • December 2020: Final review of maintenance requirements for 2021 Certified Master Anaplanners
  • January 2021: Certified Master Anaplanners are notified

Please respond to this post to submit any questions you may have so we can make sure they are all answered. We will launch the final FAQ doc in January post go-live.   

Happy Planning,

The Master Anaplanner Team

Master Anaplanners of the Years are exempt from fulfilling the maintenance requirements.


Thank you @Ameneh and @Beauram! This was a huge effort throughout the year that you took very seriously. Your commitment to thoroughness and transparency will go a long way in ensuring the stability and success of this prestigious program, and I'm very proud of the work we've done here!


Great info, thanks for the breakdown @Ameneh. I was quoted, that surely is worth 5 points :). 

Loving the gamification! @Ameneh @Beauram @ChrisWeiss 


I believe this is a great way forward putting master anaplanners at the heart of the ecosystem!

Thanks @Ameneh


It may be worth pointing out that if folks normally use SSO to login to their respective company tenants, they'll need to instead use the native Anaplan login to authenticate and see the Master Anaplanner model. 


For those new to logging into models across tenants and using SSO, browsers can be a bit quirky with the cache and whatnot.  If you're in this situation, it's usually best to login to different browsers (1- company SSO, 2 - native Anaplan login) or use Incognito mode in Chrome for one of the logins.  

Great info Amenah.  🙂


@cjpassauer  On the point of SSO, do you have an actual Anaplan "password" that lets you log in?  Or does SSO negate having a password?


Might have to figure this out with my IT.  😉




@matthewkuo  yes I have an Anaplan password in addition to using SSO.  Since you were setup in the Master Anaplan model without SSO enabled for your account, I think you'll be able to reset your password directly using the link at   


Thanks @greggil, I think we can make those 5 points happen! Same goes to you, @usman.zia. Glad you're both on board. 


@cjpassauer Thank you for pointing this out and for offering a solution. We've noticed that the process is a little different for everyone, and will formally add to the FAQ once we see some common themes. Appreciate your help getting us there!


@matthewkuo (or anyone else reading this!) If you need help with access or would like us to enable SSO for you, please feel free to email and we can assist. 

Thanks @Ameneh and @cjpassauer.  Was able to log in by using the incognito browser approach, resetting my password, and then updating my info in the Master Anaplanner model.  Thanks for your help.



Shame we can't give #kudos to @cjpassauer!


On the address details - could you make the State/Region/Province (Other) field optional, as for some locations such as London (UK) there isn't really one.

Thanks for the confirmation, @matthewkuo ~ glad you're in.


I've been wishing I could give out kudos too, @andrewtye; hopefully your shout-out will have the same effect!

I hear you on the address form. Unfortunately, the shipping service we use requires a State/Region/Province regardless of country. It rejects our submission if we don't have all fields filled in for each person, so it helps immensely if you've provided the details. I've done some creative searching over here and can confirm you all have a region, even if not immediately apparent! 

Alternative solution: I have yet to try this in practice, but I suspect that repeating your city or country in the State/Region/Province field could produce a fine result if you truly don't have one. Maybe a guinea pig or three can try it out so we can update the process. Please send me a PM if you've repeated either of the fields and I'll keep an eye on it.


EDIT: I've been thinking about this more and am wondering if something as simple as "n/a" would work. Will experiment and report back!

EDIT 2: Confirmed that duplicating the country in the state field will work, so please do this for now if you don't have a State/Region/Province. Will look to improve this experience in Master Anaplanner Home in a coming update! 

Thanks @andrewtye.  I'm really thankful to be a part of this community so I'm just happy to help wherever I can.   Kuddos not necessary.  The "glory" of the shout-out is plenty enough.  🙂



Will you release information on how one can achieve some of the options? For example, mentoring someone through Level 2. How are you tracking this?

@KBeltz  -- Yes, more information coming in January! For additional details you can find answers to most action-oriented questions in the FAQ.

Very good initiative to keep the ecosystem alive. Kudos to the team!



I found the use of 2 different browsers for accessing separately Company SSO and working well !



Hi Everyone,

Happy very belated New Year to Everyone!


I might be over excited but it's January and I'm wondering if there are any more updates on tracking and status you guys can share with us.




Hi @Taryn, happy belated New Year to you too! Copying what I shared on the user group post earlier today:

"Hi all -- 

We're putting the finishing touches on the model and intend to have it to you by the end of this week! All engagement descriptions and validation processes will be in there. In the meantime, you can read the full explanation of the maintenance requirements on Community or look for common questions in the FAQs. 

Thanks for your patience, we're excited to get this tool in your hands!



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