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During 2021, Certified Master Anaplanners demonstrated their thought leadership, technical expertise, and evangelism for the amazing ways Anaplan can solve problems, drive innovative solutions, and help organizations adapt quickly and effectively to internal and externally changing environments. As we drive forward into 2022, we want to recognize Master Anaplanners for demonstrating these traits.   Master Anaplanners must meet two key requirements during 2022 to renew their certifications for 2023. Remain/Renew Certification as a Certified Solutions Architect Complete Master Anaplanner Contribution Activities for a total of 400 points There will be a new mid-year check-in requirement for Master Anaplanners to complete half (200 points) of the annual points requirement by June 30 th , 2022, or ensure they have activities totaling 200 points lined up and confirmed by that date. There will be more to come on this!
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We are excited to announce that the Master Anaplanner Certification Exam has officially launched by a third-party skills assessment and certification vendor, Kryterion Global Testing Solutions!
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