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Anaplan has several training courses available to bring you up to speed with how the agile process works with an implementation. (Click on the titles to launch

Agile and Anaplan (140) 

Summary:  This training provides the background you need to fully understand the Agile process - what it is; how it works; who’s involved; and why it works. The first part of the training is about the type of Agile Methodology used by Anaplan, the Scrum version of Agile. The second part of the training is all about Anaplan’s specific processes using Scrum as the framework for how an implementation is completed.

Course Objectives:  By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of Agile 
  • Explain the advantages of Agile vs. waterfall
  • Outline how Anaplan implementations use Agile
  • Explain the importance of the different Agile components
  • Define the roles and expectations in the Agile process as it applies to Anaplan

The course will take about 45 minutes to complete.


Agile in Anaplan (341) 

Summary:  Discover how Anaplan Specifically uses the Agile Scrum methodology. This module is the next step for learners wanting to know how to run or be apart of an Anaplan agile implementation. This course has optional selections that impact total run time. Maximum time is 50 minutes.

Course Objectives:  By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain how the Agile process works in an Anaplan implementation
  • Identify the goals, outcomes and next steps for a project kick-off meeting (PKO)
  • Identify the challenges of model building during an implementation
  • Identify testable success criteria in a User Story​
  • Build acceptable user stories and identify how they translate to an Anaplan model


Agile App (342)

Summary:  This course provides an overview of working with the Agile Implementation - The Anaplan Way app. It is split into five parts which include how to use the app to:

  • Setup a project
  • Scope a project
  • Run a project
  • Use the app for user acceptance testing


Part 1 – Setting up a project (3:00)

  • This video is an overview on setting up a new project within the app.
  • Create a new project using a template
  • Set up epics
  • Set up project members and assign roles
  • Set up the sprint


Part 2 – Scoping a project (4:36)

  • This video covers setting up the scope of the project using the app.
  • Enter the project information (name, dates, resources, etc)
  • Do time estimates, reviewing and cross checking the information
  • Use the Project Calendar


Part 3 - Running a Project (4:00)

  • This video provides information on how to use the app to run a project.
  • Add a user story
  • Plan sprints with user stories
  • Use the Project Planning dashboard to keep on track
  • View user story and sprint status
  • Enter daily scrum notes
  • Track budgets and burn rates
  • Review testing results
  • Locate other resources


Part 4 – Project Testing (7:00)

  • This video covers how to use the app to setup and track the user acceptance testing (UAT) process.
  • Add testers
  • Create test scripts and add steps
  • Assign test scripts to users
  • Testers reporting results using the Testing Page
  • Review the testing log
  • Review testing status of the complete project


Part 5 - Miscellaneous (3:30)

  • Miscellaneous Tips, Tricks & FAQs

  • Moving Dates

  • Agile Storyboard Tweaks


A guide to the Anaplan Way app is available here!


Each of the video links under Agile App (342) are generating errors.  The video still plays fine, but the following error message displays: says:


Unable to locate the LMS's API Implementation.

Communication with the LMS will not occur.

I messaged michael directly but for everyone else go ahead and click through this error if you get it. The video will still run correctly, we are updating soon and it will correct with our new software. 

@Bob-Bachynsky The link for "Agile and Anaplan (140)" does not work for me, but the other links do.
Also, videos #5 and #6 had a lot of lags or skips in the audio.

Thanks for the heads up @Joshua.Huilar I updated the file and had forgot to set the permissions back to public viewing. Sorry for any inconvenience. I'll take a look at the skipping audio. Not sure what is going on there, those files didn't change. 

@Bob-Bachynsky, thank you! I confirmed that I can access the "Agile and Anaplan (140)" now.

Thanks for Sharing!

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