Anaplan Certification FAQs

How much do your courses cost?

On-demand: All on-demand courses are available as part of your Anaplan subscription and do not require an additional cost.


On-site: On-site training offered at our offices is available and priced by course. This is subject to training discounts according to your partner agreement. The price of the course is listed once you register. 

How can I register for on-site training?

Please find all of our on-site or in-person offerings on the Anaplan Training Schedule and fill out the registration form after you choose your class  or contact

How do I know when on-site training is offered?

Please visit Academy Training Schedule to view our training calendar for dates and locations for all of our upcoming offerings.

How do I schedule private training and what is the cost?

Contact for rates and availability.

I am already a Solutions Architect. Do I need to go back and start over?

Current Solutions Architects certification will be transitioned into a "Legacy" Certification. If they would like to obtain the current Solution Architect certification, they must complete the requirements. 

As well, Anaplan reserves the right to request that you complete or repeat the coursework if your certification has lapsed or customer satisfaction survey results become unfavorable.


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