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You can now download the “Certified Model Builder” certificate on Anaplan’s Learning Center! The requirements to become an Anaplan Certified Model Builder for 2020 include successful completion of Level 1 Model Building exam, Level 2 Model Building course and The Anaplan Way (or approved equivalent). After completing the requirements, log onto Anaplan’s Learning Center and download your certificate by following these steps:

Click the “Certified Model Builder” badge on your Learning Center dashboard. Picture2.png
Click the link to download your certificate. This link will be live once you have completed all requirements. Picture3.png
Share your accomplishment on social media by posting your certificate and tagging #anaplanacademy.  Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 2.01.55 PM.png

To verify you have completed the requirements, use your Record of Learning, found on the left-hand side of your Learning Center dashboard. If you believe you qualify as a Certified Model Builder and are unable to download the certificate, please reach out to academy@anaplan.com.

Anaplan’s Academy now requires annual recertification to ensure all model builders are up-to-date with Anaplan’s features and functionality and following current best practices. More details about the recertification process will be shared soon.

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