Data Staging - the Good, the Bad, and Why it Matters

Summary: This lesson provides guidance on effective ways of staging data in a data hub. 

Audience: Model Builders

Lesson Duration: 5 minutes

This micro lesson is included in Level 3 Model Building training program available in the Learning Center. 

This micro lesson is also included in the Setting Up a Data Hub course in the Learning Center. 

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Nice lesson, but I'm a little bit confused now. I didn't get the point from 'Accurate text cell size' slide. 


I tried to calculate the size of text cells by myself using the test model, but each time I was coming to 8 bytes per cell result. Nothing familiar to '48 bytes + 2 bytes for each character' at all. 

Maybe I did something wrong? Or is it a typo 'bytes' instead 'bits' on the slide?


I also copy-pasted long text sentences (>200 characters) to each cell trying to investigate, whether it will take more space, than blank ones. But I didn't find the difference.


Can you help me, please?