Dependent Calculations

Summary: There are multiple ways to structure calculations that all provide the same result. Dependent calculations reference the output of other calculations within the formulas. Using dependent calculations can impact model efficiency and performance. This lesson will review best practices for using dependent calculations correctly. 

Audience: Model Builders

Lesson Duration: 6 minutes

This micro lesson is included in Level 2 Model Building training program available in the Learning Center. 

View the micro-lesson with the classic modeling interface below:

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Hi I think that I found an error in example 2 formula in the Different ways to calculate debt ratio dashboard.


In my opinion it should be + instead =


Screenshot 2020-10-01 122516.png

Level 2 Sprint 2



I agree. I was going to post this question in my cohort, but I figured someone in the community must have found this error already.. This should be a '+' in order for the three calculations in purple to be equal to one another.  

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