Effective Dating (311)

Use of effective dating addresses the basic challenge of recording the dates when a change is made in the system. To use an HR example, recording when an employee transfers from one department to another. Other examples include contract renewals, territory assignments, and compensation plans. Essentially, any change that you want to be able to document and record a history of when that change happened, requires effective dating.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Explain when is an appropriate time to use effective dating techniques and why they are important
  • Utilize start, end, and transfer dates to create effective dating formulas
  • Create an Action to sync employee information
  • Have the system properly attribute resources to the correct hierarchy, such as the employee's salary to the correct department
  • Write formulas to calculate headcount

This class will take approximately 17-20 minutes to complete.  

The model blueprint is also attached to this article.

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